Our People

Autocraft Management

Brian Barr

+44 (0)1476 581300

Brian is Autocraft Solutions Group's Chairman and shareholder, and responsible for manufacturing and operations at Autocraft Machining Solutions.

Michael Hague-Morgan
Co-owner & Commercial Director

+44 (0)1476 581300 +44 (0)7943 827260

Mike is co-owner of Autocraft Solutions Group and responsible for business development, commercial and engineering at Autocraft Machining Solutions.

Steve Harris
Co-owner & Managing Director

+44 (0)1476 581300

Steve is co-owner and Managing Director of Autocraft Solutions Group, also responsible for procurement, quality and staff management at Autocraft Machining Solutions.

Craig Gray
Site Director

+44 (0)1933 374314 +44 (0)7977 436338

Craig has recently joined us as Site Director, responsible for our Autocraft Machining Solutions facility in Wellingborough.

John Seaton
Group Finance Director

+44 (0)1476 581316

John is Finance Director of Autocraft Solutions Group, also responsible for accounts, finance, IT and administration at Autocraft Machining Solutions.

Simon Warburton
Group Engineering & Quality Director

+44 (0)1476 581345

Simon is Engineering & Quality Director, responsible for engineering, product quality and company quality systems at Autocraft Machining Solutions and all the ASG sites.

Dr Sara Ridley
Project Director

+44 (0)1476 581300

Sara is Project Director for all the Autocraft Solutions Group of companies, and is responsible for NPI at AMS in Wellingborough.

Lindsay Hague-Morgan
Group Marketing Manager

+44 (0)1476 581300

Lindsay is Marketing Manager, responsible for PR, advertising, website, exhibitions and corporate branding for all the Autocraft Solutions Group companies.

Mandy Prangle
Group HR Manager

+44 (0)1476 581303

Mandy is Group HR Manager, responsible for HR issues, recruitment and payroll for all 3 sites including Autocraft Machining Solutions in Wellingborough.